Moonlight Musicals celebrates patriotism with '1776'

Moonlight Musicals celebrates patriotism with '1776'

History comes to life in "1776," Peter Stone and Sherman Edwards' Tony winning musical about our nation's struggle for independence.

You'll recognize familiar figures like John Adams and Ben Franklin. Mike Morgan has played Adams once before, and has the role again for this production.

"It brings to life all these characters who normally reside in paintings on our currency and the dry pages of history books," Morgan said. 

Many of the performers, including Gerald Dolter playing Ben Franklin, did individual research to learn more about their characters to do them justice.

"The mere fact that you're speaking the lines they spoke and thinking things they thought," Dolter said, "makes it fresh every time." 
The focus of the play is Adams working to convince his colleagues to vote for independence, and Thomas Jefferson's crafting of the Declaration of Independence.

Morgan says these historical figures become people on stage.

"You really get an idea of who these men and women were, and the sacrifices they made for us and the courage they had to have," he said.

Dolter thinks it might even put our current state in perspective.

"It gives you pause," Dolter said, "and it makes me wonder would the founding fathers be happy with the way things turned out."

At the very least, they'd probably be happy with how this production turned out.

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Friday-Saturday and July 24-25
7 p.m. gates open
8 p.m. show starts
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