Few showers west, warm temperatures continue

Few showers west, warm temperatures continue

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It was another day with mild and muggy morning temperatures warming to around the average high in the afternoon. Below is a look at some of the morning lows and afternoon highs from today.


A few showers have formed along the state line this evening and are slowly moving to the northeast. We could see a few more showers this evening, mainly across our western counties. All of this rain will end shortly after sunset. You can keep an eye on the rain with our live streaming radar below.
We have another chance for a few spotty showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and evening, again mainly around the state line. Tomorrows chance is even lower than today’s, so most if not all of us will miss out on the rain. High pressure will move back over Texas this weekend keeping us under a sunny sky with warm temperatures. Yesterday it looked like we could see a few showers at the beginning of next week, but now it looks like all of that rain will stay to the north of us.

I hope you had a great day! I will step you through the forecast tonight on the News at Nine and Christopher will have a complete updated forecast for you tomorrow morning.

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