Money Matters: Lubbock kids can start successful businesses

Money Matters: Lubbock kids can start successful businesses

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Lemonade stands are great startup businesses for kids to earn money. What if you have mastered the lemonade stand, and now you are thinking you might want to continue your entrepreneurship?

14-year-old Joseph Kolas knows starting a business at a young age takes a lot of work.

"You've got to stay responsible, know what you're acting and doing, and think about how your business is going to grow," Kolas said.

Kolas has always understood the value of a dollar.

"Between my Mom and Dad asking me to get a job so I can have my own working money, and me just thinking that I need to do more community service work," Kolas explained.

He thinks earning his own money instead of using his parents is extremely important.

"Using your own money... you know you're getting wiser and telling the truth about how you spent the money and where you spent it at," Kolas said.

So the middle school student created Joseph Lawn Care Services.

"I started locally here in my neighborhood... just rolling around my lawn mower and knocking on people's door asking if I could mow their yard," Kolas said. "My principal helped me by making business cards on Vista Print. Then I started talking on Facebook."

But how does a kid run his own business? What does it take?

"Use some techniques and learn things from your parents and friends," Kolas advised.

And why would an adult choose to hire a kid, instead of a professional company full of other adults?

"Because I'd be honest with everybody. I'd take the responsibility of doing it," Kolas answered. "I do not goof around. I get work done as soon as possible."

Kolas puts half of everything he makes back into his business.

"I give the other half of the money to my family," Kolas said.

Kolas said advertising your business around the neighborhood and on social media is imperative. So is money management. But what is most important to his company... integrity. He says it is what sets him apart.

I'm responsible, I do what's right, I treat others the way I want to be treated and I help people," Kolas said.

You can contact Kolas by calling 806-543-4196, emailing or visiting his Facebook page.

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