Levelland residents concerned about sewage overflow

Levelland residents concerned about sewage overflow

A neighborhood in west Levelland becomes a health hazard with every rainfall. With the above-average amount of wet weather in 2015, residents near 11th Street and Avenue N are complaining about a pungent problem.

The neighborhood is near a playa lake. When heavy rains roll through, the lake cannot handle the runoff. The result is a backup into the sewer system and sewage seeps out of a manhole.

"I feel they're not doing nothing at all. Like I say we have to suffer and smell all of this and I think it's bad for us to smell to begin with. Look at how many families are going to get sick on account of this," local resident Juanita Zamora said. "All these other people that live out here, they suffer for it because all that dirty water and sewage is going into their houses, as well, but the city don't do nothing about it, all they do is just block it off." Zamora said the sewage flooding has been an ongoing problem with no resolution since she moved to Levelland from Lubbock three years ago.

Levelland city manager Rick Osburn explained over the phone that older neighborhoods are having issues with the sewer system due to the flooding rains. He said it has happened a few times this year and it has been staying wet. He adds the issues are fully underwater, so city staff cannot fully assess the problem and what needs to be done for an appropriate resolution. Osburn said he, alongside others in the city, are waiting it out and praying for dry weather so they can finally fix it.

"I don't really believe it," Zamara said, when told about Osburn's plans. "I think they can go down there and do something about it but I don't think they're going to nothing about it."

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