Music video star helps local girl with rare disease

Music video star helps local girl with rare disease

Three-year-old Raylea Morgan tries to keep up with her baby brother. The toddler suffers from a rare genetic disorder in the liver.

"We were pretty much told, don't expect her to live," Raylea's Mom, Gerika, said. 

Raylea went through a liver transplant and 14 surgeries.

"You'd never know. She's very strong-willed," Gerika said. 

Now, she's getting some unexpected help from a boy named Ryan.

Ryan Stamper was born with down syndrome, adopted at three-weeks-old and survived leukemia at age two. His dream: to star in a music video. San Diego band Dare To Be Dreamers made that possible.
The band has a connection to Raylea's parents, who are Navy veterans.

"The Dare To Be Dreamers home church was our church when we were stationed in San Diego," Gerika said. 

Ryan's production has surpassed 115,000 views online.

"I'm a rock star now," Ryan said. In the video, Ryan gathers prayers from people then shoots them up to God.

"My video about hope," Ryan said. In real life, he wants to bring hope to Raylea.

"Whole bunch of money for their family," Ryan said. He's using his fame to collect donations.

"Knowing he's trying to help us, helps take that stress off," Gerika said. 

Ryan hopes it will help pay for medical expenses and fulfill Raylea's dream.

"To go Disneyland," Gerika said.

Ryan hasn't met Raylea yet, but said when he does, he wants to hold her hand and tell her it'll be okay.

To watch Ryan's video click here.
To support Ryan's mission to help Raylea, click here.

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