Car thefts on the rise during summer months

Car thefts on the rise during summer months

Protect it, it's yours. That's the new slogan for the South Plains Auto Theft Task Force.

DPS is reminding drivers that vehicle thefts and burglaries tend to increase during the summer months.

You would think, parking in your driveway is the safest place for your ride.

"It doesn't matter if it's parked in your driveway, if it's parked at the movie theater, wherever they're going to find you," Kat Anderson with Task Force said.

As the temperature heats up, Anderson said cars becomes a hot commodity to car thieves.

"More people are outside, they're at the park and they want to leave their windows down and our thieves are opportunists," Anderson said.

A couple of months ago, an area car dealership had three vehicles stolen from the lot.

"They went in and took all of the keys, stole three of our cars and took some titles, some money and a computer," Randy Rogers Owner of Rogers Auto Sales said.

Rogers Auto Sales is near 19th and Upland.

"We're more careful with our keys and locking them up and also with our titles and things and I've also added an alarm system," Rogers said.

Anderson said don't leave anything with your personal information in your vehicle.

"If they get your registration, your insurance card, anything with your name and address on it, garage door opener, they have easy access to your home," Anderson said.

Another tip to remember, try and put yourself in a thieves shoes.

"Take about two steps from your vehicle and think what is in my vehicle that a thief would want."

Rogers said the bandits who stole his property, scouted his dealership prior to the burglary.

"Pay attention to the people you visit with or know a lot of times they scout out your place of business before they do rob you," Rogers said.

Remember, never leave your car running unattended, keep your windows rolled up and car doors locked.

Also, if you see someone roaming around in a parking lot peaking through car windows, call police.

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