Tobacco Road robbed, Lubbock Police seek suspects

Tobacco Road robbed, Lubbock Police seek suspects

Police are looking for two men who robbed the Tobacco Road store on Parkway Drive near Cherry Avenue early Saturday morning.

Investigators say a man walked up to the drive-thru, pointed a gun and at the clerk and demanded money. He got some cash and ran away with another man who was acting as a look-out.

Both suspects are black men. Police didn’t provide any further physical descriptions other than first man was wearing a white bandana around his face and a black trench coach. The second man was wearing a grey hoodie and blue jeans. Police say both men had handguns, which they fired into the air as they got away.

If you know anything about this call CrimeLine at 806.741.1000 or click here for other ways to submit a tip. You can remain anonymous.

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