LPD: Eight murders reported in Lubbock this year

LPD: Eight murders reported in Lubbock this year

There are some stunning numbers from some of our nations most populous cities. Many of them are reporting record murder rates for the first half of this year.

A city that has seen much unrest is Baltimore. It has had more than 150 homicides just this year, which is about a 48-percent increase over the same period last year. 

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said, "Too many continue to die on our streets."

The numbers are climbing, and that city is not alone. According to USA Today, New Orleans, and St. Louis have seen more murders, a 33 percent increase this year. 
Chicago and Milwaukee also seeing a spike.

LPD Captain Roy Bassett said, "I wouldn't say that our stats are going up."

According to LPD, in 2014, Lubbock had a total of 14 murders. This year there have been eight. 

"As far as Lubbock goes we are having a very typical year," he said. If you break it down with just numbers we are about where we normally are for a city this size."

Reports indicate on the national level the increase in violence is happening in African-American and Latino neighborhoods.

"Quite frankly more important than where they are happening is how they are happening," he said.

Captain Basset said in the majority of murder cases, this year, the victim knew the suspect. 

"In every case the suspect was known to the victim," he said. Now there were two of them that they might have just known each other just for that night." 

Captain Basset said the point is these murders were not random.

"It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the neighborhood, or the ethnicity, or anything else," Basset said. These are altercations that are quite frankly going to happen."

Captain Basset said Lubbock citizens are another reason why the crime in the city is low.

"The bulk of the credit for Lubbock being the safe city that it is goes exactly to the fact that the citizens here are good citizens," he said. They do watch out for each other."

Basset said LPD works hard to keep the streets safe. He said the criminals also know this.

"I feel like the criminals operating in the city understand this that if you break the law here, the Lubbock Police are going to be coming after you," Basset said.

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