Councilwoman: No changes needed in citizen comment rules

Councilwoman: No changes needed in citizen comment rules

El Paso's city council trying to come up with solutions on how to control disruptive citizen comments during its meetings.  

For the time being, council has decided to turn off the microphone when a speaker is disruptive or makes personal attacks.  

Citizen comment sessions at Lubbock council meetings have improved, according to Councilwoman Joy, since implementing a signup rule requiring at least 75 hours notice prior to the scheduled meeting.  
Speakers who sign up after that period are limited  to discuss items only on that council agenda.

"I don't see any reason in changing it at this point. I do think the public has a right to express an opinion. Personal attacks, personal comments that can be controlled by the presiding officer. We operate under Robert's Rule of Order, and so that is just the way we have to handle it," Joy said.

There is not an open comment period at the end of Lubbock council meetings.

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