Local orchard offers pick-your-own peaches

Local orchard offers pick-your-own peaches

Peaches for just two dollars a pound.

"Either you can pick your own, or we'll have some picked," Sheela Noble said.  

Noble Farms peaches are ripe and ready to harvest. 

"We have three varieties, the Ranger, Red Globe and the Hail Haven and they will ripen at different times," Noble said. "The Rangers are ready to go, they'll be ready in a couple of days for whoever wants to pick them. The other two will follow along in a couple of weeks." 

Orchard owner Sheela Noble always had an interest in gardening. 
Now she is enjoying the fruits of her labor for the first time since she bought her farm. 

"We had been looking to do some kind of urban farming," Noble said. "An opportunity presented itself a couple of years a go and we jumped on it. Here we are two years later with our first peach crops." 

Getting started wasn't easy. 

"We have about 400 trees," Noble said. "We've lost a few over the last couple of years because of drought." 

But the combination of rainfall and sunshine this season has made a bountiful crop. 

"The peach season is such that you never know. It depends on the amount of cold weather we've had, the amount of rainfall, and then obviously the heat units which we have quite a few," Noble said.  

"It has been amazing just to see the peaches grow," Noble said. "It's my first harvest and it has been rewarding." 

Getting the community involved and raising awareness about crop production is a big part of Noble's goal. 
She hopes people will want to grow their own fruit after picking peaches off the trees at Noble Farms. 

"I would highly recommend anybody who loves the fruit to plant the tree. Try it out," Noble said.  

"Just take care of them, but don't baby them," Noble said. "They're good on their own and they do well here, so give it a try." 

Noble Farms will be open for the public to pick their own peaches for the next three weeks. 
The orchard is located half a mile west of Alcove Avenue on County Road 6830. 

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