DPS: safety patrols up through 7/7

DPS: safety patrols up through 7/7

With Independence Day this week, DPS troopers have stepped up their patrols for DWI offenders, as well as fireworks safety and cleanliness. Trooper John Gonzalez says the enhanced patrols started June 26, and will go through July 7.

Gonzalez indicates most of the focus will be on keeping the local highways safer, as the extended weekend can make traveling for the holiday a little more dangerous.

"We encourage [drivers] to travel early, get lots of sleep, watch the traffic -- because it's going to be more congested," he said. "A lot of kids are still out of school, so we'll see a lot of the kids going to and from activities.

"Fireworks," he continued, "if they're out there popping fireworks on the shoulder of the road, please move off as far away from the shoulder as possible. Carry some extra water with you if you're going to pop fireworks out there. Make sure there's not a grass fire -- just be safe, and remember: better safe than sorry."

Gonzalez said fireworks are not allowed within the city limits. If you have any questions about where to shoot those fireworks, or where firework displays are planned for the weekend, contact the Sheriff's Office.

LSO can be reached at (806) 775-1480.

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