Lubbock lawyers read Declaration of Independence

Lubbock lawyers read Declaration of Independence

Dozens gathered on the steps of the Lubbock County Courthouse to honor America and the freedoms we enjoy. The Lubbock Criminal Defense Lawyers Association put on a reading of the U.S. Declaration of Independence Thursday morning. The organization's goal is to remind Americans the rights we have and that we are protected from the overreach of the government

The reading took place in 133 counties in Texas. Other states in the U.S. and even other countries also participated.

"The principals that this country was founded on that were embodied in the declaration and the bill of rights are universal. It's not just an American thing, these are things that would benefit citizens across the world," attorney Rusty Gunter said. Gunter organized the reading for the LCDLA.

The annual ceremony is part of a statewide effort by the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

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