Chief Brewer discusses LPD future plans

Chief Brewer discusses LPD future plans

An unexpected role change for acting Police Chief Jerry Brewer after his predecessor, Roger Ellis was demoted to Captain. FOX34 learned, Ellis has since retired from the force.

Just one day after two Assistant Lubbock Police Chiefs switched duties, Chief Roger Ellis was demoted to Captain by City Manager, James Loomis.

"When there's a sudden change people get nervous and understandably so, and I'm trying to keep things as calm as possible," Chief Brewer said.

Former Assistant Chief Jerry Brewer is now serving as interim Chief.

"We just got to do our job and don't worry about any controversies that are out there, because that's my job to worry about," Brewer said.

Those controversies include rumors about the Department of Justice's investigation into LPD's hiring practices of Hispanic and female officers. 

"We are doing our very best to be as transparent as we can with everything we do."

The police department just finished a round of testing for recruits.

"We're proceeding with applications on that, start doing backgrounds interviews, this hasn't stopped that, it's only paused our next test."

The other controversy relates to the circumstances surrounding the payment of $10,000 in reward money to the tipster who led police to the remains of murder victim Mark Ysasaga. 

"We did find a body, we do have a suspect in custody and the questions that are asked on the some of the aspects of how we got to that point are going to be addressed, its just now it's not the time, but it will be addressed," Chief Brewer said.

There is also speculation that records regarding the tipster may have been altered or destroyed.

In order to ease the minds of his officers, Chief Brewer had a meeting to discuss the changes.

"There's nothing broad planned but there will be tweaks along the way," Brewer said.

Chief Brewer doesn't know if he wants the position permanently. He said he's just trying to take it day by day.

"But right now I just view my role as trying to stabilize the situation and keep the services going that we need to keep going."

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