LP&L and WTMPA future relationship unclear

LP&L and WTMPA future relationship unclear

Members of Lubbock's Electric Utility Board are devising a strategy for 2019 and it's affiliation with the West Texas Municipal Power Agency. 

The relationship between LP&L and the WTMPA runs into 2019. It could continue, or possibly dissolve. 

How to proceed with the relationship was an agenda item discussed in executive session at the EUB meeting on Tuesday.

Electric Utility Board member Clayton Isom says the collaboration deserves a very thorough discussion and review. 

"What we're discussing and what we're weighing are the pros and cons of being involved with WTMPA beyond that and how it relates to our solution beyond 2019," Isom said. "The pros quite specifically are that we get a couple percent subsidy from the other member cities and expenses and operating costs."

Isom says the cons were also discussed in executive session, but will be kept confidential due to the current relationship and the 2019 deadline. 

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