Eppler: 'Ted 2' is funnier, but not better overall than first

Eppler: 'Ted 2' is funnier, but not better overall than first

"Ted 2" is rude, crass, and alarmingly anti-PC. In other words, it's just about everything I'd want this sequel to be.

I'm an unapologetic Seth MacFarlane fan. I love "Family Guy" and I even liked him hosting the Oscars. His sense of humor can be both sophomoric and smart. The first "Ted" was such an insane idea for a movie that it worked beautifully: a man and his talking teddy bear.

Mark Wahlberg deserves an awful lot of credit managing to have chemistry on screen with a computer generated character voiced by MacFarlane.

"Ted 2" has more laughs than the first one because there are more one-liners and gags coming at us rapid fire - so quickly that a second viewing might be needed to catch what I missed laughing the first time. Funnier doesn't necessarily mean better, though. This movie doesn't have the same heart the first one did, but at least there's a clever politically-rigged plotline as Ted tries to prove person-hood so he can be a father.

There's no reason this movie needs to be two hours - especially when it's rehashing some things the first "Ted" did like bringing back the played out Giovanni Ribisi character. There's also a sight gag that might be one of the most revolting things I've seen in a movie.

I won't recommend "Ted 2" for everyone - the foul humor might be too much for some to "bear." But as a fan of the first, I'm more than satisfied.

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